The Eyes Never Lie, But I Sometimes Do

Couple poems for concrete imagery from class.



Her earthly brown iris

Invokes a warm fire inside my stomach and

In my mind’s eye I see

Two toddlers hand in hand

Tumbling their way, laughing their way, siblings dancing through lush forests of

evergreen and

In my mind’s eye I see

One large grizzled paw enfolded,



Over yours, perfectly petite and

In my mind’s eye I see

This earthly brown iris

Staring back into mine and

In your mind’s eye

I wonder

I grow clammy

I, heart racing,

Incoherent ramblings,


Attempts to see,

Crimson lips curl upwards

Teasing the sky and

In your mind’s eye

Do you see what I see?


Why such an obsession with eyes

You ask.

Because I believe in being able

To see

The ephemeral

When I look into your eyes for

The ephemeral

Is real to me.

You look into the greying blue of my eyes and

You’ll see

Crimson lines

Crusted sleep

A worried frown, a belly laugh

You’ll feel what I felt as

The cold steel of the knife that plunged



Where are you going?

Do you not like what you see?

Betrayal hurts me too.

Through Purple Haze

As someone who has dealt with his own mental issues, this poem I wrote a few years ago is something I go back to reflect on every now and then.


sitting here in this purple room, purple haze all ablaze as all purple rabbits in my mind tell me

i need to slip

i i need to slide

down into my purple tomb

they sit there in purple shadows, hovering just on edge

reaching OUT, crying OUT, begging for me to disappear into their purple abyss

they laugh they laugh purple rabbits that could truly not care


my mother arrives, shakes her head simply she does not know

the vileness of purple rabbts in purple haze sick purple eyes aglow

brother he comes along staring with a frown

how can he not SEE the way these purple rabbits wish for me lying upon the ground

Father…does not acknowledge me.

the counselor such a funny man lounging in his purple chair his purple pen clicking clicking clicking clicking clicking clicking . . .

always asking what im thinking think thinking

as if ill say

today was a good day one that im proud of YAY.

i will NOT lie although the rabbits wish i would

they yearn to see

family that are naught buy liars.

me burning in their purple fires.

amusement for those that do not truly know what its like to stare through this purple haze


DAMN THEM ALL i want them gone as i lie in this purple abyss

while i sit and laugh with all purple rabbits living this life in bliss

and it seems, to me, as ghostly notes of poor Jimi’s rifts drift through the purple gloom,

living in this purple haze,

life is nothing once you learn the maze

will ALWAYS lead you back to square 1


i want to scream i need to YELL

because no one understands

purple rabbits are not something in my head

they LIVE they BREATHE

devoid of all MORALS all JUSTICE things that have swiftly fled

as they lead another fooool straight unto their purple tombs

purple rabbits clamoring for i and you

to venture into their purple mist


DARE NOT go into that purple haze

yet its all that i can see

listen to my own advice

nay better to live hypocrisy

its safe

they tell me

its okay

it gets better really you’ll see

Just Give It



Purple Day

but it wont matter, you’ll see

ill stay up in the night frozen with fear

as purple rabbits laugh, whisper, murmur in my ear

come to the purple home, lie in fields of violet plume

“we have YOU for things to do

dont worry

itll be all over.